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Three Reasons to Buy a Used Bucket Truck from a Dealer

Buying from a Bucket Truck DealerBucket trucks are necessary for use in a number of industries, including the electrical, construction, and telecommunications industries, among others. Despite being largely in-demand, bucket trucks can be extremely costly, both the buy and to maintain. As a method of reducing costs, many businesses have turn to the more cost-effective alternative of buying a used truck. The two most common ways to save money when buying a used truck are to buy from auction, or from a licensed dealer. Although auctions are a cost-effective means for buying a used bucket truck, purchasing a truck this way can actually end up costing the buyer more in unforeseen costs.

Experienced buyers understand that the most dependable method of buying a used bucket truck is through a reputable dealer within the industry. There are a number of reasons buying a used bucket truck from a dealer is more cost-effective and efficient than purchasing one at an auction, including:

Equipment Quality. When buying from an auction, it’s difficult to know the true quality of a bucket truck. Auctions are unable to provide the guarantees delivered by dealers; additionally, buyers are unable to perform comprehensive inspections of the vehicles, leaving the quality of the equipment in question. In contrast, dealers are able to provide any and all information regarding the quality and history of the bucket truck, and perform complete inspections on all equipment in the lot.

Below Book Value. At an auction, the price is determined through the bidding process. This means there is no set price on a piece of equipment, and you may pay more than a truck is worth if the bidding is driven up. Reputable dealers specializing in quality reconditioned bucket trucks are able to sell them at below book value, which has been predetermined.

Warranty Guarantee. Auctions do not offer warranty on bucket trucks, leaving you at the risk of paying high repair fees if the equipment malfunctions after purchase. In contrast, dealers offer warranties and provide service on purchased trucks.

Buying a used bucket truck from auction may seem like a cost-effective way to purchase necessary equipment for your company. However, buying a truck from an auction comes with a number of drawbacks, most notably that you aren’t able to obtain the needed information regarding the equipment quality, safety, and specifications. Additionally, buying a used bucket truck from auction could actually end up costing you more, through unforeseen costs accrued by equipment malfunctions and the bidding process.

Buying a used bucket truck from a reputable dealer is always preferable than buying a truck at auction. When going through a licensed dealer, you can be assured of the equipment history, quality, and specifications, are given a vehicle warranty, and pay a predetermined price, ensuring that you get the best truck for your business, and increasing your ROI.

Severe Weather Slams Houston

Severe Weather HoustonSevere weather hit much of Houston late Sunday night, punctuating a week that saw the city subjected to extreme winds and heavy rain.

Multiple severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings were issued for several counties throughout Sunday evening, and heavy rain hit the Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, Jersey Village, and other areas north of I-10. Sunday was one of several days that the Houston area was hit by extreme weather; thunderstorms late Friday night left many areas, including Sugar Land, Richmond, and Rosenberg, without power.

In addition to power outages, several areas suffered downed trees and power lines following heavy winds and, in some areas, hail.

Storms are projected to pick back up later in the week, with Wednesday, Thursday and Friday expected to see some form of thunderstorm.

Bucket trucks are critical in maintaining the city’s infrastructure during severe weather conditions like the ones Houston has been experiencing. Storms can be problematic, particularly to those in the construction and electrical industry, as they struggle to sustain the city’s telecommunications and power supply.

For these industries, the best way to be prepared for severe weather is to ensure that your company has the equipment needed for such emergency situations. For more information, check out our article explaining how to choose the bucket truck that’s right for your company, or call (281)-452-6700 to speak with one of our sales representatives.

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Choosing the Bucket Truck That’s Right for Your Company

Choosing a bucket truckA bucket truck is a versatile, cost-effective piece of equipment that is used to perform a variety of tasks across a number of industries. Adding a bucket truck to your fleet is a cost-effective way to take on more jobs and increase productivity at the job site. Deciding which boom truck is right for your company can be an overwhelming process, particularly for companies new to the industry. The numerous amount of options and configurations can make choosing a boom truck a difficult and stressful process. Below, we’ve compiled a list of four things to consider before choosing a truck, to help the process be smooth and worry-free.

Determine the Vehicle’s Use

The first step in determining what type of bucket truck is right for your business is determining what the vehicle will be used for. Will the truck be used for tree trimming? Power line repair? Electrical utility? Construction? Boring into the ground? Deciding what types of duties the equipment will need to perform will play a large role in determining the type of truck you need. For example, if you’re trimming trees around power lines, a bucket truck may suffice; if your project involves excavating land, you’ll need a digger derrick.

Lift Capacity and Working Height Requirements

Before you buy a boom truck, look at the at the lift requirements for the projects you complete most often; this will give you a good idea of the lift capacity range you’re looking for. Additionally, look at the height needed for the types of jobs you most frequently perform – determine the minimum working height you’ll need for the majority of your projects, and go from there.

Additional Truck Features

In addition to lift capacity and working height requirements, there are other questions you’ll want to ask yourself regarding your normal projects, to determine the type of truck features required. Look at the types of projects you routinely perform. Where are they located? Are they typically in residential areas or remote ones? Are you typically working on projects that require a large lifting capacity? Do you routinely work on commercial projects? These questions will help you decide if you need a single axel truck or a tandem axel one, if a fiberglass or aluminum body is better for you, if four-wheel drive is required, and if you need extra accessories, like a 2-man basket.

Buy or Rent?

Once you’ve determined what type of boom truck is right for your company, you’ll have to decide if you’d rather buy a truck, or rent one. Typically, companies that use boom trucks in their day-to-day operations will see a better return on investment when buying, despite the higher cost upfront. Companies which only use these trucks sporadically are better off paying the fee to rent.

Atlas Truck Sales: Your Source for Quality Boom Trucks

Atlas Truck Sales specializes in the sale and rental of quality, reconditioned bucket trucks, and digger derrick trucks. Our experienced team can help you decide what truck is right for your business.

Three Questions to Consider When Buying a Bucket Truck

Used Bucket Truck AtlasFor companies that routinely use bucket trucks, buying a truck can be much more cost-effective than constantly renting. There are a number of factors to consider when buying a bucket truck. Before you head out to the dealer’s lot, ask yourself the following three questions to narrow down your bucket truck selection.

Number 1: What’s your budget?

The first question you should ask yourself when buying a bucket truck is simple: what are you willing and able to spend? Your budget will affect a number of factors, including whether to buy used or new, the number of trucks to be purchased, type of truck(s), the truck features, and the condition/mileage of the truck(s).

Number 2: Are you buying a used truck or a new truck?

The decision to buy used or new will greatly impact both the amount of money you ultimately spend, and your selection of vehicle. Typically, buying used bucket trucks is more advisable, especially in the case of small businesses looking to acquire a handful of bucket trucks, rather than an entire fleet. Buying used is beneficial for a number of reasons; most notably that it reduces total cost while ensuring maximum return on investment.

Number 3: What is the truck being used for?

When considering what type of bucket truck to buy, one of the most important questions to ask concerns the usage of the truck. Specifically: what is the bucket truck being used for? What type of work will you be doing – tree trimming, utility repairs? Will it be for a short-term or long-term project? What type of safety equipment do you require? What type of height requirement is there for your line of work? Are there any specific features you need, or don’t need, in the bucket truck? All of these questions will help you narrow down the options.

Atlas Truck Sales: Your Source for Quality Used Bucket Trucks

Buying a bucket truck can be a great investment for a company. Before you begin looking at trucks it’s important to determine the amount of money you’re willing to spend, the condition of the vehicle you want to buy, and the purpose of the truck. At Atlas Truck Sales, our trained sales team can help find the bucket truck that’s right for you and your business. Contact us today to learn more about how your business can benefit from buying a used bucket truck.

Benefits of Buying a Used Bucket Truck

Used Bucket TruckWhen it comes time for a company to purchase a bucket truck, there are a number of elements to consider. Among the most important considerations to take when buying equipment is the decision to buy new or used.

Although the prospect of buying a used vehicle can make business owners wary, particularly when their company depends on the reliability of a truck to prosper, there are a number of advantages that come with purchasing a used bucket truck. When using the proper vendor, buying a used bucket truck can result in cost savings, less risk and fewer mechanical issues.

5 Advantages of Buying a Used Bucket Truck

Cost Savings

One of the primary advantages that comes with buying a used bucket truck rather than buying a new one is the amount of cost savings accrued.  While new bucket trucks can retail at well over $100,000, used bucket trucks of the same or similar models are often sold at half the price, positively affecting a company’s bottom line.

Fewer Mechanical Issues

The idea that used bucket trucks have more mechanical issues than new trucks is a common misconception; in fact, used bucket trucks are actually less likely to run into the mechanical issues you see in new trucks. This is due to two factors: first, the “break in period,” or the amount of time a bucket truck’s engine needs in order for the bearings to set and the piston rings to seal properly around the cylinder, is negated when buying a used truck; often new trucks must travel distances of several thousand miles before they achieve this. Second, mechanical issues that often occur in new trucks are less likely to occur, or more likely to have already been resolved, in used trucks.

Wider Selection

Buying a used truck affords the customer with a wider selection to chose from. With demand in the market rising, availability of new bucket trucks is declining, and the time it takes to receive a new bucket truck is increasing. In contrast, there is an ample selection of high-quality, reconditioned bucket trucks available in the current market.

Less Risk

Buying a used bucket truck comes with less overall risk than buying a new truck. Because the cost is lower, the required loan to buy the truck will be reduced, if a loan is needed at all. Additionally, a buying a used truck will mean a lower depreciation rate; while new trucks can depreciate in value rapidly, used bucket trucks tend to hold their value over time.

Maximum ROI

Buying a used bucket truck from a trusted dealer ensures that you’ll save money while making maximum return on investment. At Atlas Truck Sales, all of our used bucket trucks go through a rigorous inspection process, ensuring that you receive the greatest value.

Buying a used bucket truck comes with a number of advantages. Shorter loan times, less risk of depreciation and mechanical issues, and an overall reduced cost makes buying used a great alternative for equipment. Atlas Truck Sales specializes in the sale of reconditioned bucket trucks, and maintains one of the cleanest inventories in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about how your business can benefit from buying a used bucket truck.