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Atlas Truck Sales specializes in quality reconditioned Bucket Trucks and Digger Derrick Trucks. We maintain one of the cleanest inventories in the business with very competitive prices.  We offer sales and service on all types of hydraulic boom repairs as well as annual and di-electric testing.  Our mechanics have factory trained backgrounds from some of the major boom manufacturers and testing facilities.

We are family owned and operated and have been in the used truck business here in Channelview ( Houston ) since 1989.  We are located just minutes from downtown Houston on I-10 East.  We will be glad to arrange to have you picked up at either of our two major airports (Houston Intercontinental- Bush or Houston Hobby).  We ship many units out of the Port of Houston to points around the globe including Canada and many of the islands.

I personally handle each purchase and sale from start to finish and am looking forward to making you a lasting customer.  Try us on your next truck purchase or hydraulic repair!

Utility Trucks
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Utility Trucks are trucks that are set using a perform system that is typically elevated large. Since the name implies, the truck is fitted using a bucket at the conclusion of a hydraulic lifting method. This gives an ideal place for operating in heights. These vehicles have discovered their use within the fire fighting department, farming, mining, electrical, cleansing solutions to places of high heights and lots of a lot more. Today, it is crystal distinct that the majority varieties of work need the use of these trucks.

Concern of heights might trigger some special work to not be completed. Points which are at higher heights are most likely never to be attended to. It's because from the fact that their accessibility just isn't assured. As a way to remedy this problem, using these trucks must be used. It's operated by an operator that is in the truck. In order to make sure distinct achieve towards the required point, the operator who is running in the bottom is responsible for the navigation.

The bucket features a room in which a person can stand securely and run from there. The room and dimension from the bucket is quite safe in order to not endanger the operator. These buckets can also be fitted with belts to allow efficient keeping of the operator inside. The hydraulic pump that is set is operated from your controls which can be supplied in the truck. These controls aid to regulate within the placement of the bucket at the two heights and sides. This makes it straightforward for perform of any peak for being carried out easily and securely.

Some vehicles are typically connected with a hydraulic lifting system while others are towing the program individually. Here it will be observed which the manner of powering the lifting system might fluctuate. Diesel motor might be utilized or electrical powering by means of batteries. Like any other machine, the method of powering will be the determining aspect of option.

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