Severe Weather Slams Houston

Severe weather hit much of Houston late Sunday night, punctuating a week that saw the city subjected to extreme winds and heavy rain. Multiple severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings were issued for several counties throughout Sunday evening, and heavy rain hit the Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, Jersey Village, and other areas north of I-10. Sunday was one of several days that the Houston area was hit by extreme weather; thunderstorms late Friday night left many areas, including Sugar Land, Richmond, and Rosenberg, without power. In addition to power outages, several areas suffered downed trees and power lines following heavy winds and, in some areas, hail. Storms are projected to pick back up later in the week, with Wednesday, Thursday and Friday expected to see some form of thunderstorm. Bucket trucks are critical in maintaining the city’s infrastructure during severe weather conditions like the ones Houston has been experiencing. Storms can be problematic, particularly to those in the construction and electrical industry, as they struggle to sustain the city’s telecommunications and power supply. For these industries, the best way to be prepared for severe weather is to ensure that your company has the equipment needed for such emergency situations. For more information, check out our article explaining how to choose the bucket truck that’s right for your company, or call (281)-452-6700 to speak with one of our sales representatives. Photo by Sarah Worthy

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National Lineman Appreciation Day is April 13

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) has designated the second Monday of each April as National Lineman Appreciation Day, in a move that marked the first time the NRECA Board has formally recognized a day honoring lineman. In 2015, that means the day will fall on April 13. This isn’t the first time that strides have been made to recognize the lineman across America’s electric cooperatives; however, it is the first attempt made at implementing a lasting date. In 2013, the U.S. Senate passed a resolution designating April 18 as National Lineman Appreciation Day, to recognize “the profession of Linemen, and the contributions of these brave men and women to protect public safety.” In 2014, only a House resolution to mark the day was introduced, and there was no congressional action taken to designate the day, leaving a number of electric cooperatives to unofficially designate the day for their lineman. Following the lack of congressional action in 2014, the NRECA passed their own resolution in December of 2014, which the NRECA Board adopted unanimously. “It gives us a rallying point for our linemen,” said Kerry Kelton, NRECA Texas Director, who presented the resolution to the board December 11 on behalf of the Government Relations Committee. The resolution states that lineman deserve recognition as they “leave their families and put their lives on the line every day to keep the power on; work 365 days a year under dangerous conditions to build, maintain and repair the electric infrastructure; are the…

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