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Three Reasons to Buy a Used Bucket Truck from a Dealer

Buying from a Bucket Truck DealerBucket trucks are necessary for use in a number of industries, including the electrical, construction, and telecommunications industries, among others. Despite being largely in-demand, bucket trucks can be extremely costly, both the buy and to maintain. As a method of reducing costs, many businesses have turn to the more cost-effective alternative of buying a used truck. The two most common ways to save money when buying a used truck are to buy from auction, or from a licensed dealer. Although auctions are a cost-effective means for buying a used bucket truck, purchasing a truck this way can actually end up costing the buyer more in unforeseen costs.

Experienced buyers understand that the most dependable method of buying a used bucket truck is through a reputable dealer within the industry. There are a number of reasons buying a used bucket truck from a dealer is more cost-effective and efficient than purchasing one at an auction, including:

Equipment Quality. When buying from an auction, it’s difficult to know the true quality of a bucket truck. Auctions are unable to provide the guarantees delivered by dealers; additionally, buyers are unable to perform comprehensive inspections of the vehicles, leaving the quality of the equipment in question. In contrast, dealers are able to provide any and all information regarding the quality and history of the bucket truck, and perform complete inspections on all equipment in the lot.

Below Book Value. At an auction, the price is determined through the bidding process. This means there is no set price on a piece of equipment, and you may pay more than a truck is worth if the bidding is driven up. Reputable dealers specializing in quality reconditioned bucket trucks are able to sell them at below book value, which has been predetermined.

Warranty Guarantee. Auctions do not offer warranty on bucket trucks, leaving you at the risk of paying high repair fees if the equipment malfunctions after purchase. In contrast, dealers offer warranties and provide service on purchased trucks.

Buying a used bucket truck from auction may seem like a cost-effective way to purchase necessary equipment for your company. However, buying a truck from an auction comes with a number of drawbacks, most notably that you aren’t able to obtain the needed information regarding the equipment quality, safety, and specifications. Additionally, buying a used bucket truck from auction could actually end up costing you more, through unforeseen costs accrued by equipment malfunctions and the bidding process.

Buying a used bucket truck from a reputable dealer is always preferable than buying a truck at auction. When going through a licensed dealer, you can be assured of the equipment history, quality, and specifications, are given a vehicle warranty, and pay a predetermined price, ensuring that you get the best truck for your business, and increasing your ROI.