Three Benefits of a Digger Derrick Truck


Digger Derrick trucks are used for a number of different applications across a variety of industries, including construction, power line, electrical, utility and telecommunications. Essentially a crane truck (boom truck) fitted with an auger for drilling; Digger Derrick trucks are versatile, cost-effective trucks that can increase productivity at your job site.

Benefits of owning a Digger Derrick truck include:


Digger Derrick trucks are extremely versatile pieces of equipment. Crane trucks mounted with augers for drilling into the ground, Digger Derrick trucks can perform any job a standard boom truck can perform, including replacing utility poles, trimming trees and working on power lines. Additionally, the mounted auger means these trucks can perform tasks which traditional boom trucks cannot, including boring into the ground and digging holes for concrete foundations.


The versatility of a Digger Derrick truck also makes it one of the most productive pieces of equipment available on the market. Because a Digger Derrick truck can double as a standard boom truck, it reduces the amount of equipment needed on a site, both increasing cost savings and eliminating the time it takes to substitute equipment during tasks. Digger Derrick trucks also reduce the need for manual labor when breaking ground, and can drill through hard rock quickly and efficiently, upping the productivity at the job site.


Digger Derrick trucks are relatively easy pieces of machinery to operate once proper safety courses and certifications have been completed. Additionally, the trucks eliminate the risks associated with other means of penetrating ground, such as the use of explosives.

Atlas Truck Sales: Your Source for Reconditioned Digger Derrick Trucks

Digger Derrick trucks are versatile, efficient pieces of equipment which can be used for a number of different applications. Additionally, they increase the productivity of a job site and reduce costs, equipment needs, and health/safety hazards.

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