Three Benefits of a Digger Derrick Truck

Digger Derrick trucks are used for a number of different applications across a variety of industries, including construction, power line, electrical, utility and telecommunications. Essentially a crane truck (boom truck) fitted with an auger for drilling; Digger Derrick trucks are versatile, cost-effective trucks that can increase productivity at your job site. Benefits of owning a Digger Derrick truck include: Versatility Digger Derrick trucks are extremely versatile pieces of equipment. Crane trucks mounted with augers for drilling into the ground, Digger Derrick trucks can perform any job a standard boom truck can perform, including replacing utility poles, trimming trees and working on power lines. Additionally, the mounted auger means these trucks can perform tasks which traditional boom trucks cannot, including boring into the ground and digging holes for concrete foundations. Productivity The versatility of a Digger Derrick truck also makes it one of the most productive pieces of equipment available on the market. Because a Digger Derrick truck can double as a standard boom truck, it reduces the amount of equipment needed on a site, both increasing cost savings and eliminating the time it takes to substitute equipment during tasks. Digger Derrick trucks also reduce the need for manual labor when breaking ground, and can drill through hard rock quickly and efficiently, upping the productivity at the job site. Safety Digger Derrick trucks are relatively easy pieces of machinery to operate once proper safety courses and certifications have been completed. Additionally, the trucks eliminate the risks associated with other means of…

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February Featured Truck: Bucket Truck #7371

This February our featured truck is Bucket Truck #7371! A 2005 Ford F550 truck fitted with a Terex  HR37M boom, Bucket Truck #7371 is a high-quality, versatile bucket truck capable of performing light- and medium-duty applications. This powerful Ford model features a fiberglass body, beacons, spotlights, and A/C, and is mounted with a boom with a working height of 42’. With 116,000 miles and a selling price of $37,900, Bucket Truck #7371 is one of the best models on the market. Check it out at our Channelview location today before it’s gone! Atlas Truck Sales specializes in the sale of high-quality reconditioned Bucket Trucks and Digger Derrick Trucks. Visit us today to find the truck that’s best for your business.

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Three Questions to Consider When Buying a Bucket Truck

For companies that routinely use bucket trucks, buying a truck can be much more cost-effective than constantly renting. There are a number of factors to consider when buying a bucket truck. Before you head out to the dealer's lot, ask yourself the following three questions to narrow down your bucket truck selection. Number 1: What’s your budget? The first question you should ask yourself when buying a bucket truck is simple: what are you willing and able to spend? Your budget will affect a number of factors, including whether to buy used or new, the number of trucks to be purchased, type of truck(s), the truck features, and the condition/mileage of the truck(s). Number 2: Are you buying a used truck or a new truck? The decision to buy used or new will greatly impact both the amount of money you ultimately spend, and your selection of vehicle. Typically, buying used bucket trucks is more advisable, especially in the case of small businesses looking to acquire a handful of bucket trucks, rather than an entire fleet. Buying used is beneficial for a number of reasons; most notably that it reduces total cost while ensuring maximum return on investment. Number 3: What is the truck being used for? When considering what type of bucket truck to buy, one of the most important questions to ask concerns the usage of the truck. Specifically: what is the bucket truck being used for? What type of work will you be doing – tree trimming,…

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Benefits of Buying a Used Bucket Truck

When it comes time for a company to purchase a bucket truck, there are a number of elements to consider. Among the most important considerations to take when buying equipment is the decision to buy new or used. Although the prospect of buying a used vehicle can make business owners wary, particularly when their company depends on the reliability of a truck to prosper, there are a number of advantages that come with purchasing a used bucket truck. When using the proper vendor, buying a used bucket truck can result in cost savings, less risk and fewer mechanical issues. 5 Advantages of Buying a Used Bucket Truck Cost Savings One of the primary advantages that comes with buying a used bucket truck rather than buying a new one is the amount of cost savings accrued.  While new bucket trucks can retail at well over $100,000, used bucket trucks of the same or similar models are often sold at half the price, positively affecting a company's bottom line. Fewer Mechanical Issues The idea that used bucket trucks have more mechanical issues than new trucks is a common misconception; in fact, used bucket trucks are actually less likely to run into the mechanical issues you see in new trucks. This is due to two factors: first, the “break in period,” or the amount of time a bucket truck’s engine needs in order for the bearings to set and the piston rings to seal properly around the cylinder, is negated when buying a used truck;…

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Tips for Safely Surviving a Power Outage

Winter weather is in full-swing, and a number of states have already been hit hard by the power outages that characterize the season. Thousands of residents across Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey lost power in November following Winter Storm Cato, and several projected storms are slated to cause similar outages in the upcoming weeks. With severe winter weather picking up, it’s important to be prepared in the event that a power outage does occur. In order to ensure safe survival through a power outage, it’s vital to be prepared in the weeks leading up to a storm, and to take necessary precautions during the outage. Preparing for a Power Outage You never know when a power outage may unexpectedly occur. During the winter, power outages are often caused by strong winds, ice storms, and heavy snow. While it’s vital to prepare for a power outage when you know a storm is approaching, it’s also important to prep at the beginning of the season, to ensure that you’re prepared in case an outage occurs without warning. Stock Up Stocking up on certain items well in advance of a severe storm will keep you prepared in the event of a power outage. Essential items include: -Flashlights -Emergency Batteries -Non-perishable or canned foods (canned meats and fish, canned soups, beans, crackers, canned vegetables, peanut butter, nuts and trail mixes, dried fruit, granola bars) -Bottled Water Ensure Cell Phone Power Landlines are becoming increasingly rare in homes, and they won’t…

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The Eighth Annual Lift and Access Showcase

The eighth annual Lift and Access Showcase, which brings together lead engineers and product managers within the lifting equipment industry for comprehensive demonstrations and discussions regarding lifting equipment, was held in Las Vegas at the Springhill Suites by Marriott on October 29 – 31. The interactive showcase provides a unique experience for manufacturers and vendors to demonstrate their equipment’s features, benefits, and capabilities directly to buyers through machine demonstrations and walk-around presentations. Through side-by-side comparisons and hands-on product demonstrations, industry leading manufacturers and OEMs are able to engage with buyers regarding equipment, leading to a better buyer understanding of the product and subsequently increase productivity for customers. This year the showcase, which was hosted by leading lifting equipment publication Lift & Access Magazine, featured a “green theme,” focusing exclusively on Green Equipment. Presentations included low-level access equipment, mast boom lifts, rough- and all-terrain electric and hybrid scissor lifts. Additionally, the show featured demonstrations of other hybrid lifting equipment, including aerial lifts, cranes, and telehandlers. The unique event, which is the only venue where new technology in lifting equipment can be both observed and operated, draws in a diverse crowd of industry leaders; according to Rental Equipment Register, in 2011 the event attracted buyers and key executives from 9 of the top 10 largest rental companies in North America. This year’s sponsors included the International Powered Access Federation and Bucher Hydraulics, as well as industry-leading OEMs. Atlas Truck Sales: Leading the Lifting Equipment Industry Atlas Truck Sales is a leading lifting…

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